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January 2021

An Index to Legal Periodical Literature

In this release An Index to Legal Periodical Literature is added to C19 Index.

This was a six-volume print index, published between 1888 and 1939. It was compiled initially by Judge Leonard A. Jones (volumes 1-2) and subsequently by Frank E. Chipman (volumes 3-6) The electronic edition comprises volumes 1-3, whose indexing encompasses articles that appeared between 1791 and 1908.

In the preface to the first volume, Jones describes the scope and intent of the work:

I have attempted in this Index to refer to the articles relating to matters of law and legislation contained in the whole body of periodical literature in the English language published prior to 1887. To this end I have included references to the articles, papers, correspondence, annotated cases, and biographical notices in the legal journals of America, England, Scotland, Ireland, and the English Colonies; and to such articles in the principal literary reviews and magazines of these countries as seemed to belong properly to legal literature.

The value of the index was summarised by Chipman in his introduction to the third volume:

The necessity and usefulness of an Index to Legal Periodical Literature is not to be questioned. Many minor topics of the law, which are wholly neglected or only briefly treated in the text-books, are often exhaustively treated in the legal journals by able lawyers. The great mass of the contributions to these periodicals has been made by lawyers and judges who are not authors of text-books, and who have not published their articles in any other form.

The electronic edition will make the index significantly more powerful and usable, further enhancing a work described by a reviewer in The Central Law Journal as "a remarkably full and comprehensive index". Users can quickly search across the 87,000 entries by article subject, keyword, author, and periodical title. The content may also be browsed by either subject or volume.

May 2015

Cotgreave's Index

This release sees the addition of Alfred Cotgreave's A Contents-Subject Index to General and Periodical Literature to C19 Index.

Published in 1900, the index is dedicated to bringing to light the incidental contents of thousands of books and periodicals, and arranging this material by subject. The index is notable for its focus on subject-indexing material whose relevance to the subject is not indicated by its title. A researcher seeking material about Charles Dickens, for example, will be pointed to George Hodder's book, Memories of My Time.

This work, therefore, provides a crucial service in revealing the location of many of the most concealed - yet relevant - items pertaining to a host of subjects.

The electronic edition in C19 Index greatly enhances the utility of this index, enabling users quickly to search across the 50,000+ records via a variety of search fields. They may also restrict results to items that contained specific features, such as illustrations or maps. Alternatively, users may consult a subject browse list and quickly identify the range of items indexed for a given subject term. The records for Cotgreave's Index may be cross-searched with the 25 million+ items from other nineteenth-century sources in C19 Index.

Further updates to the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

Twenty-two new DNCJ entries have been added to C19 Index as part of this release:

May 2014

The "Bookman" Directory of Booksellers, Publishers and Authors

This release sees the addition of The "Bookman" Directory of Booksellers, Publishers and Authors to Periodicals to C19 Index.

A single-volume reference work, the Directory was published in 1893 under the direction of Sir William Robertson Nicoll, founding editor of The Bookman magazine. Aimed at those involved in the book trade or engaged in literary study, it provides information about the three major facets of the publishing industry referred to in its title and is divided into sections accordingly:

(1) Booksellers – The largest section of the Directory offers a far-reaching list of booksellers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Organised by region, this section includes the address of each bookseller, as well as detail about the genres in which they specialise and the type of sales (new/secondhand, retail/wholesale).

(2) Publishers – The publisher records are often accompanied by extensive narrative entries, providing particulars of the history and publications of the firms. In many cases these descriptions were compiled from information supplied directly by the publishers, specifically for this purpose.

(3) Authors – This section comprises the names and addresses of almost 600 authors working during this period. Particularly notable is the inclusion, in many cases, of private addresses, by permission of the authors.

In sum, The Bookman Directory offers indispensable data about the individuals and organisations active in the book trade in the late-nineteenth century and provides a snapshot of the industry at this time.

The electronic version of the Directory in C19 Index makes this content newly accessible, with researchers able to query the index via a wide variety of search fields and to restrict results only to items pertaining to, for example, particular regions or genres of books sold. Users may also navigate the Directory via a browse structured to reflect the composition of the original print edition. As part of C19 Index, the records in the Directory are cross-searchable with over 25 million entries from other nineteenth-century sources.

Further updates to the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

Twenty-six new DNCJ entries have been added to C19 Index as part of this release:

November 2012

Stead’s Index to Periodicals

This release sees the addition of Stead’s Index to Periodicals to C19 Index.

W.T. Stead’s indexes of periodical literature, produced annually from 1891-1903, are key sources for the study of serial publishing of the period.

Co-edited and compiled by Elizabeth Hetherington, the volumes offer article-level indexing and represent a valuable complement to Poole’s Index. Whereas Poole’s was retrospective, Stead’s indexes are contemporary, with each annual volume covering the previous year and emphasising news and current affairs. Stead’s volumes encompass hundreds of titles that do not feature in Poole’s.

As well as shedding light on the contents of over 300 of serials, the indexes provide data, analysis and commentary pertaining to the state of the periodical press in the year of each volume, via their extensive front and back matter.

The electronic edition of Stead’s Index to Periodicals in C19 Index brings unprecedented accessibility to this material, with the 250,000+ article citations searchable by keyword, article title, subject entry, author, periodical title and date of publication. The entries may also be easily browsed by subject term. As part of C19 Index, the citations in Stead’s Index are cross-searchable with over 24 million entries in other nineteenth-century sources; users at institutions with access to ProQuest’s British Periodicals and/or American Periodicals Series can also link from the citations in Stead’s Index to the article full text in these resources.

For more information about Stead’s Index, please refer to the Index to Periodicals entry in Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism.

Further updates to the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

Fifteen new DNCJ entries were added to C19 Index as part of the November 2012 release:

July 2012

Further updates to the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism

One new DNCJ entry was added to C19 Index as part of the July 2012 release:

October 2011

Further updates to the Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism

Twenty new DNCJ entries were added to C19 Index as part of the October 2011 release:

Expanded coverage of early American periodicals

This release also sees the addition of more than 1.6 million records from ProQuest's American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries (APCRL), providing article-level indexing for a broad range of early American periodicals including:

Results from APCRL are displayed in the 'Periodicals' section on the Search Results display. Customers of C19 Index and APCRL can link to full text articles in that resource, or use the references to find articles in their library's print or microfilm holdings. All of the APCRL and APS articles can be searched simultaneously from the American Periodicals search screen in C19 Index.

April 2011

Cumulative Index to Niles' Register 1811–1849

Marking the 200th anniversary of the founding of Niles' Register by Hezekiah Niles (1777–1839), this release sees the addition of the Niles' Register Cumulative Index 1811–1849 to C19 Index.

Niles' Register – also known as The Weekly Register, Niles' Weekly Register, and Niles' National Register – was a highly influential weekly American newspaper which offered comprehensive coverage of news and current affairs in United States and the wider world. It is a key source for scholars researching the first half of the nineteenth century and contemporary responses to events such as the War of 1812, the Napoleonic Wars, the Indian Wars, and the revolutions of 1820, 1830, and 1848; it also provides valuable insights into the early history of the railroads, manufacturing and industrialization, and canal-building in the United States.

The Cumulative Index to Niles' Register is an indispensable finding-aid for scholars working with this uniquely important source, providing more than 389,000 item-level subject entries relating to the 30,000 printed pages that comprise Niles' Register in all its guises. As part of C19, entries in the Niles' Register Index can be cross-searched with more than 22 million entries for other nineteenth-century sources; subject headings can also be linked to the full text of Niles' Register available to institutions that have access to ProQuest's American Periodicals Series (APS) collection.

Entries in the Cumulative Index are retrieved in the Periodicals section of the Search All Indexes Search Results display.

Updates to DNCJ

Fifteen new entries have been added to the Dictionary of Nineteenth Century Journalism with this release, including a number of entries on printing journals, printing firms and printers:

The online edition of DNCJ, which has been available to users of C19 Index since February 2009, now features 77 newly commissioned entries added since the publication of the print edition.

August 2010

DNCJ awarded Colby Prize

ProQuest is pleased to announce that Laurel Brake and Marysa Demoor, the editors of the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism (DNCJ), have been awarded the Robert Colby Scholarly Book Prize by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP). The Colby Book Prize is awarded to the book published during the preceding year which has made the most significant contribution to the study of nineteenth-century periodicals.

ProQuest is proud to be the publisher of the online edition of DNCJ, which has been available to users of C19 Index since February 2009, and warmly congratulates the editors on this award. It is richly deserved.

The DNCJ shares this year's Colby Prize with Mark Schoenfield's British Periodicals and Romantic Identity (Macmillan, 2008).

Updates to DNCJ

Twenty-two new entries have been added to the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism in this release of C19 Index.

The online edition of DNCJ, which has been available to users of C19 Index since February 2009, now features more than sixty newly commissioned entries added since the publication of the print edition. Many of the new entries so far relate to sport, the railway press, illustrators, the local and regional press, the press in Scotland, and journalism production.

The following entries were added as part of the October 2009 release of C19 Index.

Twelve new entries were added to DNCJ in June 2009:

The project is ongoing, and the editors of DNCJ welcome suggestions from users for new entries (via the C19 Index Contact us form).

April 2010 release

In this release, linking has been established between records in NSTC and corresponding items in Google Books and WorldCat, making it easier and quicker for users to locate the full text of more than a million nineteenth-century printed sources. This linking can be turned on via the Customisation Options form in Administrator’s Resources.

Once the new linking feature has been activated, users will see Find in Google Books and Find in WorldCat links appearing as part of NSTC records on the C19 Index Search Results and Full Record displays.

This release also includes new records from the Nineteenth Century microfiche project and updates to NSTC data and MARC records.

November 2009 release

The November 2009 release of C19 sees the addition of two new content sets. Produced as a collaboration between the Open University, the Universities of Hertfordshire and Sheffield, The Proceedings o f the Old Bailey from 1770-1913 details trials that were held at London's central criminal court. Both the metadata and full text for the Proceedings since 1770 are searchable in C19 Index from a dedic ated search screen. The records are displayed as summary data and a few lines of text, with a link to the full transcript in the open access Old Bailey Online site: www.oldbaileyonline.org. More information about the Old Bailey in C19 is available here.

This release also contains over 600,000 records from American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries (APCRL) - a brand new full-text collection containing full-color scans of original print documents archived at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). The collection spans the nineteenth century through the dawn of the twentieth century and is particularly strong in titles that illustrat e the growth of America's influence on business and industry, trade, and culture. These include labor, trade, literary, scientific, and photographic periodicals, as well as other historically-significant tit les, many of which have not been indexed before. Upon completion the project will feature a total of 3 million pages across hundreds of periodical titles and new records from APCRL will be added to C19 in fu ture releases. APCRL records can be searched from the American Periodicals Series search screen in C19.

Additional enhancements include thousands of new records for the British Periodicals, Periodicals Index Online data sets, improvements to images in the Dictionary of Nineteenth Centu ry Journalism, as well as roll over and linked information on the logos which brand each collections results.

February 2009 release

As well as the addition of around one million records from British Periodicals, Periodicals Index Online and the Nineteenth Century microfiche project, the Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism was added to C19 Index in this release.

The Dictionary of Nineteenth-Century Journalism is a one-volume reference work with over 1600 entries detailing British and Irish newspaper and periodical publishing in the nineteenth century. It is an ideal complement to periodical indexes such as Wellesley and British Periodicals and has been made available with its own search and browse screens in a new Reference section.

July 2008 release

This release sees the addition of over a million article records from British Periodicals and Periodicals Index Online.

December 2007 release

In addition to thousands of new records from sources like British Periodicals and Archive Finder, this release saw the addition of two important new sources to C19 Index.

The Congressional Serial Set and its predecessor, the American State Papers, from LexisNexis are now available, including almost 131k records from 1789-1901. Containing bibliographic records for reports, documents, messages, communications, motions, resolutions and more, the American State Papers and Serial Set capture all aspects of American life from westward expansion, Indian affairs, politics, international affairs, business and manufacturing. The new Congressional Serial Set search screen allows users to conduct focused searches of the material. From the Search Indexes screen these records of American government are also cross-searchable with the rest of the C19 indexes - including their U.K. equivalent, the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers - allowing users to easily compare the evolving attitudes and legislation of the two nations.

The Curran Index of Additions to and Corrections of the Wellesley Index of Victorian Periodicals has also been completely integrated with the original Wellesley Index within C19 Index. Professor Eileen Curran, one of the original editors of Wellesley, has compiled an index of corrections and additions made by scholars since Wellesley was published. These entries originally appeared in Victorian Periodicals Review and elsewhere. The Curran Index continues to be updated, and includes information on some additional periodicals not covered in the original Wellesley. Curran is essential for keeping up to date with recent research into the authorship of Victorian periodical articles, and it has now been completely integrated with the online Wellesley Index. Additions and corrections from Curran have been appended to the relevant article, contributor and periodical records from Wellesley, while new records have been created for Curran entries without a corresponding Wellesley record. The full Curran Index can be viewed using the new Browse screen.

June 2007 release

Thousands of new records from Periodicals Index Online and British Periodicals have been added in this release.

Four new options have been added for searching British Periodicals. It is now possible to search for semi-monthly publications, for the content types Drama and Fiction/Narrative, and for articles containing photographs.

November 2006 release

In this release of C19 Index a new index was added for British Periodicals Collection I. Over 300,000 records from the first 71 titles completed as part of ProQuest's ongoing digitization of hundreds of early British periodicals have been added to C19 Index along with a new, dedicated search screen. Additional records will be added over the next couple years as work on converting British Periodicals progresses. Linking to the corresponding full text article is available for customers of the British Periodicals full text resource. More information about this exciting project is available at About British Periodicals. More information on all of the full text linking options is available at Linking to full text.

In addition, alternate titles have been added to all records in the American Periodicals Series data set, making it easier for users to follow the history of those publications and search across the variations.


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