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An Index to Legal Periodical Literature

An Index to Legal Periodical Literature was a six-volume print index, published between 1888 and 1939. It was compiled initially by Judge Leonard A. Jones (volumes 1-2) and subsequently by Frank E. Chipman (volumes 3-6) The electronic edition includes volumes 1-3, whose indexing encompasses articles that appeared between 1791 and 1908.

In the preface to the first volume, Jones describes the scope and intent of the work:

I have attempted in this Index to refer to the articles relating to matters of law and legislation contained in the whole body of periodical literature in the English language published prior to 1887. To this end I have included references to the articles, papers, correspondence, annotated cases, and biographical notices in the legal journals of America, England, Scotland, Ireland, and the English Colonies; and to such articles in the principal literary reviews and magazines of these countries as seemed to belong properly to legal literature.

The value of the index was summarised by Chipman in his preface to the third volume:

The necessity and usefulness of an Index to Legal Periodical Literature is not to be questioned. Many minor topics of the law, which are wholly neglected or only briefly treated in the text-books, are often exhaustively treated in the legal journals by able lawyers. The great mass of the contributions to these periodicals has been made by lawyers and judges who are not authors of text-books, and who have not published their articles in any other form.

The electronic edition will make the index significantly more powerful and usable, further enhancing a work described by a reviewer in The Central Law Journal as "a remarkably full and comprehensive index". Users can quickly search across the 87,000 entries by article subject, keyword, author, and periodical title. The content may also be browsed by either subject or volume.


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