C19: The Nineteenth Century Index

Help: Importing into a spreadsheet


The 'For spreadsheet import' option will display exactly the same information as the User friendly option. The display format is the only difference.

On the 'import' page, the information is displayed in a tab delimited format. This allows you to copy and paste into most spreadsheet applications. To preserve the formatting you should first of all copy the stats then paste them into a simple text editor such as Notepad in Windows. Once you have done this, it is easier to import your stats into most spreadsheet applications. You can do this by following the following instructions:

  • Copy and paste your required statistics into a simple text editor such as Notepad.
  • Save and close the text file.
  • Open the file in a spreadsheet application such as Excel. An Import Wizard dialog box should appear asking how you want to separate the fields.
  • Click the 'delimited' box and then click the 'Next' button.

If there are no statistics logged for a particular date or month, a row of zeros will not display. The particular time segment will simply be omitted from the table. This is to avoid occupying unnecessary server space.