C19: The Nineteenth Century Index

Help: Quick Search


You can use the Quick Search at the top of every page to perform a keyword search across all collections within C19 Index.

  • Enter a word or phrase into the Quick Search box.

  • Click the Go! button.

The Quick Search Results page will be displayed showing a list of results which contain the word or phrase you entered.


If you enter multiple keywords e.g. coal mining into the Quick Search they will be joined together by the Boolean operator AND e.g. "coal" AND "mining". This will return results containing both the word coal and the word mining.

To search for an exact phrase enter the words in quotation marks e.g. "fine arts".

If you wish to search for a phrase containing a reserved term such as and, or, not e.g. law and order you should enter the words in quotation marks e.g. "law and order".

You can use other Boolean and proximity operators to combine search terms or wildcard characters to include variations on a term.